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Corn Flakes

1 cup of finely ground or medium-fine ground corn meal
¼ cup of sugar or powdered sugar
Spray bottle of water


Place a large, flat bottom stainless steel frying pan in medium heat. Place some corn meal in one sifter and powder the frying pan with corn meal—as thick or as thin as you would like your corn flakes.

Spray the corn meal in the pans until it is well moist, not runny.

Do not stir. Do not touch.

Let it cook slowly until the water is halfway evaporated. Immediately sift sugar to taste on top or you can leave it plain. Let it cook until the water dries out and the flakes begin releasing from the bottom of the pan. Don't let it burn. If necessary, scrape the flakes out with a metal spatula.

The flakes will be large. Store in air tight container.

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I think I've read where the guy that invented corn flakes did so by accident, when he spilled some of his concoction on a hot stove.

I always wanted to try and make Grape-Nuts, but never found the time.:)
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