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Cookware in a disaster bag?

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I'm constantly adding ideas off this site to my disaster bag, actually bags. I have a couple old laptop bags and have some split by what might happen. I'm north of Seattle and aside from social upheavals, we have earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanos to worry about. So I have a food bag, medical kit, clothes duffel and general BOB.
Back to the point, aside from the aluminum mess kits, what's a good idea for adding something to cook in that doesn't weigh a lot? Where I have my food grab bag, I just keep an everyday pot an pan in the same cupboard to grab. It's getting to the point it's not a BOB anymore, more like Bob's luggage kit. I have kept it to with the guns and pets, 2 trips out to the truck.
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I use a simple MSR stainless steel pot, I think its something like a 775ml.

Inside the pot I store my coleman stove, lighter, folding fork and spoon.
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