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Cookware in a disaster bag?

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I'm constantly adding ideas off this site to my disaster bag, actually bags. I have a couple old laptop bags and have some split by what might happen. I'm north of Seattle and aside from social upheavals, we have earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanos to worry about. So I have a food bag, medical kit, clothes duffel and general BOB.
Back to the point, aside from the aluminum mess kits, what's a good idea for adding something to cook in that doesn't weigh a lot? Where I have my food grab bag, I just keep an everyday pot an pan in the same cupboard to grab. It's getting to the point it's not a BOB anymore, more like Bob's luggage kit. I have kept it to with the guns and pets, 2 trips out to the truck.
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For me, if hiking or day camping, I carry a 32 oz. wide-mouth stainless steel water bottle from Guyot Designs and a Light my Fire spork. The water bottle can be used for cooking and eating out of, is easy to clean, and carries water too. I sit it on the ground right by the fire, or in it. I have a piece of wire that I use as a handle for the bottle; it is removable and wrapped in tape so I can hold it when the bottle is hot. I can dump my meal into the bottle (rice, meat, veggies, or a freeze-dried meal, or an MRE pouch folded and placed inside the water in the bottle), let it simmer for a while as I set up camp, and when I come back in a few minutes, the dish is cooked and I can eat it with the spork. No mess, no sweat. Works great in a dakota fire hole. If I am camping where you can't build a fire, I use a homemade alcohol stove with a little pot stand made from wire. Works great.

For longer duration or family camping, I have a Scout-sized Kelly Kettle and a wide-mouth 48 oz. steel Thermos. You can boil water quickly with the kettle, and then place the hot water in the thermos with your food. Wrap it in a towel and a little later you have a hot meal. I also have the cooking rack for the kettle, so I can fry an egg or bacon while boiling water. Very light and convenient setup. And the kettle only needs a few handfuls of sticks and leaves to boil water.
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