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If you are looking for cheap you can get an old boy scout set for <$10. They are aluminum and warp but they get the job done just fine.

I'd recommend US issue canteen cups with canteens in them. They are light, indestructible, and take up negligible space when stored on a canteen. They are perfect for boiling water and single-serving meals. (hint: get some tinfoil to be a lid)

You can also go get one of the round sets sold by coleman, brunton, etc... They vary in price depending on whos name is written on it. The coleman one is 2 pots and 2 cups/lids. It's about $25 if I remember correctly.

Just like the previous poster said, If your cooking for more than yourself you need to change what you get. More people = more food preparation and bigger pots/kettles make that a whole lot easier.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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