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I GI mess kit isn't bad for the money. The Canteen cups are great. I use stainless cups with my Nalgene water bottles.

For solo gigs I use a Jetboil Personal Cookset and a GSI Soloist. These are only for heating up water; you don't really cook with them. They fit in most any day pack. The Jetboil is perfect for a day trip. I do coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, hot buttered rum, Mountain House, MRE's and other freeze dried meals.

I dropped mine down an ice fishing hole once and fished it back out and fired it up after only a few minutes.

I also have this Brunton stove that uses same shot of Butane. With the Soloist, they are about the same price but a little more capable than the Jetboil.

I love my Camp Chef Yukon! Any kind of group like float trips and shore lunches or large groups of hikers. I have packed it several miles before. It ain't no fun but I get paid to make folks comfortable and getting a fire hot enough takes a while. I fire this baby up and I can put out a 5 course lunch in 30 minutes. Kicks out 24 hamburgers an hour. Really need teflon and cast iron cookware with it.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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