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I am looking for a good,quality cookset.Could any point me in the right direction?

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number of people cooking for?
Price Range?

Cheaper than dirt has the swiss volcano cookset. has a multi salvage fuel stove (wood, charcoal, etc...) a cup for drinking and cooking, and a water bottle for boiling water & storage for later.

If you are just getting into it i have a cheapy walyworld/chinamart mess kit i take with me.

for a little more they have a $40 cookset with a small frying pan(1-2 egg size) 3 pots (pan is lid) that will cook for 2 people. if you need to cook for more i would check out they have a good numer of other options plus just about everything else you might need for a good price.
If you are looking for cheap you can get an old boy scout set for <$10. They are aluminum and warp but they get the job done just fine.

I'd recommend US issue canteen cups with canteens in them. They are light, indestructible, and take up negligible space when stored on a canteen. They are perfect for boiling water and single-serving meals. (hint: get some tinfoil to be a lid)

You can also go get one of the round sets sold by coleman, brunton, etc... They vary in price depending on whos name is written on it. The coleman one is 2 pots and 2 cups/lids. It's about $25 if I remember correctly.

Just like the previous poster said, If your cooking for more than yourself you need to change what you get. More people = more food preparation and bigger pots/kettles make that a whole lot easier.
Ya whats it for?

number of people...size and weight needed?

you can get an aluminum or stainless pot at your local salvation army or goodwill for less then $3 ...put it over a heat sorce and you can cook....

you might have an old pot in your kitchen you can use....

usually the cheapo's are the best... light, you can unscrew the handles...

those scout kits will always work... I used the 'pot' for years from one of mine! removed the little handle on the top, as well as the wire handle from the pot....

you can use the pot for pretty much anything, plus if its a flat lid you can use it as a 'pan' ...pancakes.... baking.... small steaks or chicken... works well if you need to cook something else and your using the pot at the same time....

have a pot holder or pliers, multitool, or something to grab the pot and or lid with .....

cooking is nothing more then heat applied to food... u can pretty much use anything! don't waste money on garbage you dont need!

unless your pockets are deeper then those of that case buy the most high speed low drag titanium pot and cooking set out there from REI or something similar....! ;)
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I GI mess kit isn't bad for the money. The Canteen cups are great. I use stainless cups with my Nalgene water bottles.

For solo gigs I use a Jetboil Personal Cookset and a GSI Soloist. These are only for heating up water; you don't really cook with them. They fit in most any day pack. The Jetboil is perfect for a day trip. I do coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, hot buttered rum, Mountain House, MRE's and other freeze dried meals.

I dropped mine down an ice fishing hole once and fished it back out and fired it up after only a few minutes.

I also have this Brunton stove that uses same shot of Butane. With the Soloist, they are about the same price but a little more capable than the Jetboil.

I love my Camp Chef Yukon! Any kind of group like float trips and shore lunches or large groups of hikers. I have packed it several miles before. It ain't no fun but I get paid to make folks comfortable and getting a fire hot enough takes a while. I fire this baby up and I can put out a 5 course lunch in 30 minutes. Kicks out 24 hamburgers an hour. Really need teflon and cast iron cookware with it.
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Hey, I dont know about your walmart but mine has a very nice mess kit that fits in a small bag and fits together. They are 26 bucks great buy. I'm going to get the GSI they are the top of the line in my book. I use a penny stove so it will all fit inside with wind screen and pot stand. go with GSI plus they are non stick so thats awesome them cheap aluminum mess kits everything sticks to them and it is a bitch to clean in the bush if you are like me and dont want to waste a bunch of water.
I'd recommend US issue canteen cups with canteens in them. They are light, indestructible, and take up negligible space when stored on a canteen. They are perfect for boiling water and single-serving meals. (hint: get some tinfoil to be a lid)
x's 2

As far as how many people.. my people each carry their own.. including my kids. A 1qt. canteen, cup, and cover is standard issue at my house ;)
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ranger cookset( model of 1941),mountain pot set ,big enough to boil enough water,two nesting pots with lid with wire bailed handles that can be used as frying goods inside pots when packing.
Thanks for everyone's help
all good idea's and models. what ever you get just make sure you use them before you really need them.
If you're looking for something suitable for a BOB, I use the Snow Peak Mini Solo cookset. It's titanium, and the pot, lid and mug/bowl nest together quite nicely.
Just A Pot & Stuff

I have an older MSR Stoaway 1.6 L stainless steel pot, a BIG soup spoon, & a coffee cup. That's all you really need and of course a good sharp pocket knife. You can store stuff in the pot and it has a locking lid.

Stews are the best thing in a survival situation. A large coffee can used to work well but everything has gone plastic anymore.

Don't get a Snow Peak whatever or anything else like it. They are designed for ultra-lite backpacking and not a survival situation. They hold nowhere near a quart of water. You can get some Titanium stuff in the Quart/Liter range but it will co$t! I do have a Snow Peak Solo set but it is for backpacking and not in the BOB.

I went to a restaurant supply for some good BIG soup spoons. A surplus store and the old WW-II spoon is great and it has a hole in it to tie it to something.

My BOBag has a military canteen, canteen cup, & spoon; this is the grag-n-go kit. The BOBox has the MSR pot and bigger stuff; this is also the tornado emergency kit. Both kits have a lot of my backpacking gear in them so it gets used instead of sitting there doing nothing; plus you're used to using it instead of learning in a bad situation.

Just remember all you need is a POT, CUP, SPOON, & KNIFE. All those extras that are in cook sets are just that - extras, designed to sell the product.

I would say that any quart/liter size stainless steel pot will work. But if you want to get a set it's your choice.

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stuff is great and lasts forever
and american made
You can get a german army mess tins cheap these days.
MSR Alpine Cookset. Stainless steel and indescructable. Should be able to find them on ebay in the $30 range. The downside, is they are heavy.
Vargo hexagon stove, sterno, vargo cup, and a spoon. I have tried using full mess kits with a plate, and its more trouble then its worth. All I like using is one pot. When you use a mess kit, you have to have water to clean it. And sometimes water is in short supply.

I inherited my dads cook set, it is perfect for my family, although it is no way a backpacking set unless you strap it onto the bottom of the pack, I have yet found a set like it so if anyone has please let me know where. i will post pics of it shortly once i get them out and pics taken. i would like to get my hands on another set just like it.
I use a GSI Dualist cookset, and I love it! They've got many different cooksets now that will work for anywhere from 1 to 4 people, and they're all very high quality.
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