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Cooking and heating with wood in basement

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I want to have my basement set up to go to if major winter weather strikes LONG Term and no gas, electric. My heater no longer uses the chimney only the hot water heater. I would like to put something like a oven hood attached to the old heater vent to vent out smoke, can anyone see a problem with this idea??? I am trying to do this as cheap as I can and not leave it in place.
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single wall flue pipe needs to be 18" from anything flameable. almost everything is flameable. Exhaust hood USUALLY require some sort of fan to exhaust properly which means you need outside air to MAKEUP the difference in barometric pressure- you'll put your house in a negative pressure, it will backdraft and suck outside air in from every door and window.

If you have a suitable sized chimney why don't you just get a barrel and a barrel stove kit and make something semi safe!
technically the only reason you cant mix fuels in a chimney is a national code, lots of equiptment that have a UL rating do run Multifuels(Yukon Furnaces is one H.S.Tarn is another) up a standard flue pipe.They just dont run two fuels at the same time. if your tieing two flues together they need to increase by 2" at the tee of the bigger of the two( 8"+6" needs a 10" tee and on out )
you need triple wall for anything less than 18" clearance. Metalbestos is one brand thats good, metalfab is another.
People die every day somewhere from CO poisoning.
And you need a lot of fire extingushers everwhere.
Since it's SHTF there's no codes anymore- just think things out first.
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