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Cooking and heating with wood in basement

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I want to have my basement set up to go to if major winter weather strikes LONG Term and no gas, electric. My heater no longer uses the chimney only the hot water heater. I would like to put something like a oven hood attached to the old heater vent to vent out smoke, can anyone see a problem with this idea??? I am trying to do this as cheap as I can and not leave it in place.
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Mixing the flue gasses is a terrible idea. You'll create a chemical reaction in the chimney that can cause damage to the structure or yourself.

It sounds like you are asking about an emergency situation in which case you probably wouldn't have the water heater running. In that scenario I would have some extra vent tube and elbows available to construct something to go in the existing (or enlarged) hole. I wouldn't recommend installing anything before you need it, because realistically you'll probably never use it. It could also end up flooding your basement with carbon monoxide.
It's so instantaneous that you wouldn't have a bat's chance of putting the fire out.
These work in less than 30 seconds.

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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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