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For any Connecticut locals, I stopped into Hoffman's Gun Store (Berlin Turnpike, Newington) last night and noticed they have ample crated Mosins for $99.. I just looked at a few on the top of the crate.. They are all as crated, still soaked in cosmoline....

I wasn't THAT interested in them, but I think I'm beginning to reconsider and may go down to pick one up, just for the hell of it.. I'm not really a bolt action kind of guy, but at that price, unused, I'm not sure I want to pass it up.. They are very accurate for the price..

They also come with a sling, removable bayonet, ammo pouch and cleaning kit..

Hoffmans - "Guns for the Good Guys"

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None of you Conneticutians are headed south anytime soon are you?
you can get them anywhere pretty much cheap.

Russian Model 91/30 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Package

Item# Mosin91/30Spec
Original Russian Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30 7.62x54R Rifles. These Historical rifles were the standard issue for the Soviet Infantry during the World War II era. (Where else can you buy an authentic piece of Military History for only $69.95?) Features the original Russian Codes on Receiver, Bbl & Stock. Includes accessories as shown, though they may vary slightly in size, shape, condition, and color. Refinished to Excellent Condition. More pictures below.
Barrel Length: 28.7" Stock Length: 45" Weight: 8.7lbs Overall Length: 48.5"

Price: $69.95

Add $10 for Hand Pick (Best of 5)

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fantastic weapon, deadly accurate, I've got all three, the shortest one is good out
to 500yrds I've done it. if you need a good bolt action you can't go wrong with a
Mosin Nagant

In my humble opinion a superior bolt action has not been made.
if you can spare the coin I suggest you get one.:)

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^ we got a bunch of guys together... about 17 t o20 Mosin Nagants...

At 300 yards they were outshot by AK's...

Some are good, and some are junk. Your buying a USED comniblock gun...

Keep that in mind.

(didn't stop me from buying a bunch of them... Just know what your getting)
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