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Electronics Arrrrgh!

Most NEW cars today have fly-by-wire throttles. I assume the 'Black Box' will only record the condition of the vehicle up to the CRASH; things like stuck throttles. Although I don't know how well that will work. I had a car once that was barely running when they hooked up the computer to it and it said nothing was wrong yet there it was sounding like it was only running on a couple of cylinders.

My 2004 Ford Ranger has an all electronic throttle. It stuck the first year I had it. That was thrilling, letting your foot off the gas and NOTHING! It was like cruise control but you can not stop!

A lot of this NEW SHINY STUFF is worthless. Look at hybrid cars that only get 38mpg; I had a 1988 Ford Escort and it got 40+mpg. Granted hybrid cars do better in the city but I do a lot of highway and hybrid's are useless. Of course THEY want us all happy in a city where THEY can keep an eye on us.

It's just the engineers trying to justify their existance with hi-tech gagetry. It's all about the MONEY!

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