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Confused - Please Help

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As I am new to all of this preparedness, I need help in how to store my rice. I stored rice last year but after reading how other people stored their rice, I think I may have stored mine incorrectly. Here is what I did: I froze my rice in the bags they came in in the freezer for four days. I then transferred the rice into white containers with lids that I bought at Lowes; the kind that food comes in. Now I'm reading that I should have put dry ice down in the buckets to get the moisutre out. Is this correct? And I've also read that I should have gotten all of the air out. How do I go about getting the air out of the buckets? I'm sorry to sound so stupid about all of this, but I would appreciate step by step instructions on how to store my rice properly. I don't want to poison my family by storing the food improperly. Thanks so much for your help, LLB
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This thread has all the links you need for info on food storage, particularly rice and flour.

Upshot. Freeze, thaw, dry, place in mylar or directly in buckets, use o2 absorbers if available, and seal.
Wildjo has right idea. main thing is to get going. Get as much in the wayof food and water as you can right now. Be sure you have your 72 hour kits in place. Then your 2 week supplies adn then on to 6 months or more. The posts here can be a great help. Use all your resources. If you look at the Federal GOvt sites you will find that what we have been saying for years is now the in thing. The Feds are now saying get prepared now.

Watch this video--- This guy is an expert and is eating 17 year old rice packed exactly the way you packed it...things will last longer than you think!

YouTube - Long Term food storage results pt.2

Better to go with mylar and O2 absorbers in the his other vids...he shows you how.
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What you have to do is vaccum seal the rice. It will keep for a long time. My family and I vaccum sealed 6 or 7 bags with 10 cups of rice. Then placed them in a rubbermaid type tote. That is in our pantry. It's still good after a few years.
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