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A little sanity to the masses

Yes, a condom can be a very usefull last resort tool. Easy to pack like the tampons earlier mentioned.

To gather water you are best to use a spare sock when doing this. unroll the condom, stretch the lip over the sock and then dip into a mooving stream. the waterr pressure from the streem should be enough to fill the condom with about a liter of water. quickly tie off the top after filling and oyu have transportable water.

gross but doable, and definatly a last resort IMHO. Easy enough to throw a few in your BOB though, and you may than yourself later.

I heard rumor along the way that a condom could work as a sort of sound suppressor on small hand guns, don't know how well though. That's an experament I need to thy.....thanks for the thought.
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