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One thing I would like to learn more about is what larger water filter to buy. I want to know what is the best value for your buck.

The water filter straw is one of the items in my kit that I got excited about when I found it, is the water filter straw. These are light weight small and very portable. If you are concerned about your pack weight this is a must. I have done some research and this is what I have come up with

One model can be seen here:
This one filters 75 Liters (around 19 gallons) of water and costs about $10. It filters to 3 microns

There are other models available as well. This one filters 200 Liters (50 Gallons) and costs around $20. It filters to 3 microns

The one from Australia filters 500 liters (132 Gallons) and costs around $50. It filters down to 2 microns.

Filtering down to 3 microns is adequate for water in North America. The 2 microns is better if you are heading to some third world countries

I was hoping to copy pics into this post, but don't know how to do it - sorry!
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