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Hey all. I am brand new to HAM and other forms of commo. I've used a walkie-talkie, and that's about it. I'm networking with some family members to have communication options for (fill in the blank) emergencies, in the event that cell services were to be unavailable.

I have been researching two way radios, and have come across the BaoFeng UV-5R and the Wouxun KG-UV2D as possible good options. I can get the BaoFeng for $40, and the Wouxun for $99. Why should I buy one over the other, and are there better options for $100 or less? I don't have my heart set on either one, but let me lay out the following information to take into consideration:

  • Needs to have communication capabilities 30+ miles
  • Needs to be simple to operate once set up
  • Needs to be able to funciton with all kinds of devices (walkie-talkie, GMRS, CB, MURS, Marine, emergency alerts, etc)
  • Needs to have a best price of $100 or less (meaning that it might be more somewhere else, but I can find it for $100 or less)
  • Needs to be rugged and dependable
  • Needs to have highest audio quality and function for the price

It would be nice to have the following:

  • Waterproof
  • Ability to encrypt conversations (I know that neither one of these have that)

Are there any other features I should be looking for?

The reason for this post is because I don't know anything about specs or the jargon. I will be getting HAM certified, but I learn best by getting my hands on something.

If you are knowledgeable, please compare and contrast these two devices, explaining the pros and cons rather than simple personal preference. Feel free to share personal preference as well if you have real world experience with both.

Also, feel free to make other recommendations, but please do so in a compare/contrast/pros/cons manner so that I can clearly understand why I should choose the other option beyond a simple "I like mine better." If there is an option that is so much massively better but is just over $100 feel free to share, but it should be pretty close to that price. We're going to be buying a few of em, so need to keep costs reasonable.

I'm looking to make an informed decision within the next few weeks.

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