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Old news at this point. There has been at least one long thread on the subject.
It is a sad state of affairs to lose a company whose brand is intertwined with the growth and defense of our country. But it has been starved to death by people who created personal wealth at the expense of their employees and customers. And was also mismanaged with whatever was left.
It will likely end up like Springfield Arms whose more well known products are built in eastern Europe and foisted on the public as if they were part of a historic U.S. company.
Or worse.

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Their rifles have been good, but they really don't make many especially in comparison to other companies.

Their 1911's haven't quite had a good final finished quality lately.

Finally, if they made single actions and other revolvers they would sell the snot out of them. I have a few Colts and mine are all very nice...1911's and 1 AR.

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Prices too high, placed its bets with big government, and lost.

If they'd have produced a colt python at fair market prices they'd have made millions
Exactly. If they had half a brain they would introduce "updated" classics. And NOT skimp on the fit and finish. Any company can just throw together some parts. If Colt is smart they stick at being a premier brand and instead improve their already legendary line-up. Some new polymer pistols wouldn't hurt either however.
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