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Just got this one recently. Has 10' of paracord wrapped on the handle (not seen in photo) Lanyard.

Do you like serrated or not? This one has nice serrated on the back and a drop point on the front, so you can have your cake and eat it too. Inexpensive.

Colt Combat Commander w/sheath

Overall Length (inches): 8.88
Blade Length (inches): 4.38
Blade Material: 440, Black
Blade Detail: Plain
Handle Material: 440, Black
Carry System: Nylon Sheath
This military style tactical knife was originally designed for the US Navy's elite Seal Team. It is constructed of one-piece 440 stainless steel with a skeletonized design and four lashing holes, finger contours, lanyard hole, non-slip thumb notches, and a wire breaker notch to break a steel link fence and other wire up to 1/8" thick. A unique serrated edge is cut into the blade back. It features a regular sharp flat edge design so that individual resharpening of the serrations is unnecessary. The entire knife is coated with a non-glare, black Teflon finish with laser marked logos. Includes a heavy reinforced nylon sheath with a quick-release handle strap and 10' of black nylon emergency cord.

Sheath can be worn in a variety of positions and contains a removable prtective plastic blade cover held inside with a velcro strip.

I like it!

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At first I thought "UGH! Double edged!" and now that I look at it... looks servicable and usefull, I think it'd be better if the serrated section wasn't ontop however, that knife in it current state looks like fighter, not a multi-purpose tool. However, do like it a good bit, good buy Al.

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