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Ok, I just found out about this today. Colloidial silver can permanentally
make your skin blue.

Freaky stuff here, boy. I am tellin' ya.

Colloidal Silver - Will It
Turn You Blue?

Another person turns blue from colloidal silver


Here are some images under search for colloidal silver blue people. Wow!

*I want to give credit for this to Sillyvillian. She is the one who told me about this.*

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Properly made, colloidal silver won't cause argyria. Improperly made, using salt, can create silver chloride which can cause it. Or large particle size colloidal silver can cause it. But most cases so far have been from exposure to other forms of silver such as silver sulfide, silver dust, silver nitrate, and silver chloride. Even at that, you have to take a lot of it to get argyria. It's very rare.

I can just see this as the next big fad with the attention craving "LOOK AT ME..LOOK AT ME!" body modification folks.

Edit to add: I found one case of argyria where the guy had been taking 16 ounces of 450 PPM colloidal silver, three times a day! The standard dose is about 10PPM. Good grief! Moderation is right. It also didn't mention if it was homemade and made properly or improperly.

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"Papasmurf" in the photo has a condition called Argyria from over exposure to silver compounds.

I've been seriously reading around about colloidal silver and talking to a few people that have been using it sparingly before buying a kit too make it myself as a SHTF remedy either topical or internal.
Some of the stories listed here were from folk taking protein suppliments with silver in them - not colloidal silver.

A) Make the stuff from distilled pure water, NOT from tap water contaminated with salts and chemicals which react with the silver.
If people are making it improperly themselves then they can be unwittingly ingesting all sorts of silver compounds they've made.

B) Make the stuff in the correct concentration - it's s'pose to be made in an INCREDIBLY VERY weak aqueous concentration.
From what I understand, it's more like a homeopathic aqueous remedy (very low concentration) than a concentrated chemical solution.

C) You're not s'pose to fill your water cooler or water bottle with colloidal silver and swig it all day - theres recommended daily consumption and its not huge. MODERATION.

Also, ... if you buy pre-made anything through the web (be it collodial silver remedies, aspirin, viagra or conventional meds) and then have blinding trust in the anonymous person you bought it off to put it in your body ... well lets just say that ain't to bright.

Would you buy unmarked aspirin etc off some guy in the street ... ?
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