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While on a camping trip last weekend, my buddy (Shonuff here on the forums) got the chance to use his new Coleman Perfectflow Stove.

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I had my liquid fuel coleman stove out and was cooking on it. It was just taking too long, so Shonuff got his stove out. It was like night and day. Once the propane bottle was hooked up and the stove was lite, it cooked the boundain, sausage and bacon in a matter of minutes.

Overall, I was impressed with how fast, quick and easy the stove cooked breakfast for about 8 people.

Another version of the Coleman Perfectflow Stove is supposed to have an electric start. This model did not have the electric start, so we had to use matches.

Now I know what to ask for for fathers day.

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This sure beats the 15 year old liquid fuel coleman stove that I have.
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