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cold steel pocket bushman

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A colleague bought one of these guys recently.
Thought I'd share what I could.
Got it here:

From the pictures it looks like a handy little piece of kit. In fact it is a rather large bugger.
Nicely made, good looking , unfortunately made in Taiwan. Whilst I dont doubt that things have improved over there I am still no fan of things MiC generally, I am watching intently its progress under average use, and will give you feedback as it appears.
It does handle well and carries a very nice edge, how long that lasts and how wear factor in are another thing.
Personally I wouldnt bother with it as a survival item. There's better to be had.
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I like mine, and the steel is really good. I carried it every day for a month, in the side ruler pocket of Carhartts and Lee Dungarees. It carries really good there. I have carried in the front pocket too, but it is a little long.

The steel handle is hard on your hand with heavy use like chopping and battoning. It is tough on your thumb to open it with one hand.

You can be beat on it to split small logs, it is a true heavy duty folder, slim and easy to carry, stainless steel yet holds a good edge, looks cool, and is alot of knife for 25.00.

It doesn't replace a fixed knife, and one could say it is a novelty. I'm keeping mine. Here's a pic beside a Wallmark 15 dollar Winchester fixed knife.


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