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cold steel pocket bushman

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A colleague bought one of these guys recently.
Thought I'd share what I could.
Got it here:

From the pictures it looks like a handy little piece of kit. In fact it is a rather large bugger.
Nicely made, good looking , unfortunately made in Taiwan. Whilst I dont doubt that things have improved over there I am still no fan of things MiC generally, I am watching intently its progress under average use, and will give you feedback as it appears.
It does handle well and carries a very nice edge, how long that lasts and how wear factor in are another thing.
Personally I wouldnt bother with it as a survival item. There's better to be had.
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Cool concept but I don't like their choice of steel (Krups 4116) if it was the old Carbon V it would be a great knife. I had the Finn Bear and the Roach Belly. $10 bucks is $10 bucks and I can get a Mora for $9 and be better off. Just my 2 cents.
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