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Clothing Question

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Hello all,

I am interested in picking up some 511 clothing 50 nylon/50 cotton. Does anyone have expereience with this blend? Please no "cotton kills" comments. Its been used by militarys longer than you can trace your family line. And cheetos and mountain dew will kill quicker than the probability I need to reliy on these garments.

Seems a lot of military pluss clothing is offered in this blend, at a premium. Is it an all weather/all season blend?

Thank you for any info and insights
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I have a lot of 5.11 clothing. Probably 20 pairs of pants and at least that many shirts. Feds issue them. To tell the truth, I am not all that happy with it. I like the Underarmour better. The belt loops on 5.11's are spaced funny and they aren't worth the $50 price tage for pants, shirts, shorts and others. UA is more expensive but it is far better. I especially like the jock shorts, Tactical pants and Polo's.
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