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Circumstances for needing a BOB

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Hey guys, My name is Shawn and I'm new too the site. Just wanted to get some opionins on a bug out bag scenario. I have had a bob siting ready for years and recently took it out and reevaluted it and am now upgrading it. But I was my particular situation, I am very far out in the country with few Neighbors and I know most of them. In the event anything should happen my plan of defense would most certainly be to bug in and hold the fort down. I was just wondering what some opinions would be of circumstances that come to mind that would cause me to need to bug out of my home/fort country retreat??? Please let me know your thoughts!
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Situations that could benefit you having a bob?

A natural disaster has occurred and a friend or family member needs you. You could need to go get them and a bob would be helpful.

A hurricane is headed your way and you've taken to the root cellar. Your home is gone now along with your supplies and it will take awhile to rebuild. Luckily you're prepared with a bob you grabbed on your way out.

You're in town getting supplies and a plane has crashed between town and your house. The secondary access road is blocked for emergency vehicles.

Friend calls you up and says HEY, me and some pals were going to the mountains for a week and someone cancelled. Want to take his place?

Gas leak at the neighbor's house. authorities are knocking frantically at your door shouting IT'S GONNA BLOW!
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