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Circumstances for needing a BOB

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Hey guys, My name is Shawn and I'm new too the site. Just wanted to get some opionins on a bug out bag scenario. I have had a bob siting ready for years and recently took it out and reevaluted it and am now upgrading it. But I was my particular situation, I am very far out in the country with few Neighbors and I know most of them. In the event anything should happen my plan of defense would most certainly be to bug in and hold the fort down. I was just wondering what some opinions would be of circumstances that come to mind that would cause me to need to bug out of my home/fort country retreat??? Please let me know your thoughts!
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I think a Bug Out Bag is pretty much a point A to point B kit. Decide how far you may need to go to get to a particular destination, how long it will take to get there (In worst case scenario) and what you will need to do so. Be it home or to a pre determined private location. Either way, it's to use what supplies you have packed in it to get you to more supplies.
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