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Get prepared because you WILL be seeing more and more of this happening. Circuit City is just "avoiding the rush." Wait and see.

When events happen there is a ripple effect. In the financial world, we people live in the valley while the financial people live up on the sides and top of the hills around us. When bad things happen to the people on top or on the sides of hill, everything flows downhill to us. And not everything that flows downhill is water. In other words, the fecal matter is just starting to roll our direction.

Where we, as a group, have the edge is in our abilities to survive and do things that the average person doesn't understand. Most city people who don't understand pigeons see them as flying rats. People in London even refer to their pigeons that way. A survivalist sees pigeons, birds and so on just like hunters look at doves: a potential food source that is readily available. In fact, pigeons are nothing more than a kind of dove anyway. So the key here is that we survivalists can:

1. Expect more business chains to close because of financial problems.
2. We will also expect some food chains to close down too.
3. We will enhance our survival training and concepts to better insure our survival abilities.
4. We will increase our stockpiling of food, water, medicines and ammo to cover "just in case scenarios."
5. We will also review our general plans for urban and rural survival situations. We will give thought to possible survival associates that we may need to have around us or allies to help us live through tough times.
6. Traps, knowledge about plant life and hunting skills will need to be sharpened to increase our survival chances.

Like I said, expect more of these business closings and plan ahead...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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