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We live in a suburban area on a very small piece of land - 40' x 100' and that includes the house, double garage and driveway. Suffice it to say, there is not a lot of room to garden. A couple of years ago when my son was off to college and not interesting in playing in the backyard, I dug up the lawn and turned the entire yard into a garden. No one can see it from the street.

This year I added blue berries and grape vines. Along side the driveway there was a strip of dirt that nothing grew on too well. I finally realized that there was concrete a few inches down. On one end, I built a side by side potato bin / compost heap from pallets. Overhead are homemade topsy turvey planters that are yielding mixed results. Next to the pallet construction I laid down bricks and filled the gaps with salt to discourage slugs and then filled the area up as a container garden raising the back row up on milk cartons. These are doing exceptionally well.

In one little corner we had an enormous privet hedge that was easily 18' tall. While it afforded privacy, it was becoming increasingly difficult to trim every year and was getting full of killer ivy. We cut it down completely, dug out the roots and built a planting box with a lattice behind it to maintain privacy. At the moment it has a variety of eggplant and some herbs - basil and dill. We have some blackberry canes that have poked up here and there in the middle of other shrubbery and they're not bearing, so I'll dig up a few of those and plant them in the back so they can grow where we want them to grow and not the other way around.

In the front yard I have an herb garden. I just finished digging up several shrubs and an over abundance of irises - very pretty, but you can't eat them. Among the remaining flowers I'm planting green beans, corn and squash. They'll all be late, but we have mild winters and lots of sun, so fingers crossed.

You can view my garden efforts at my website. I need to update it, but there is so much work to do in the garden now that I'll have to wait for a rainy day.
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