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For home defense?

I have a 6 year old and a 11 month old at home. When I am home, my gun is holstered, chambered with a safety on. When I am at work, it is un loaded, in my safe, in my locked bedroom. Mine is a electronic, 1 foot by 1 foot. Bolted to two walls and the floor.

Why have a gun for home defense if it is not ready to shoot. You may as well have a stick cause all you have is a paper weight.

There's a line between safety and being prepared, but in every case, I believe that when a child is old enough, teach them about the dangers of a gun and teach them to NEVER touch them. As soon as you can, it wouldn't hurt to take your child shooting. Teach them to respect the gun and respect the damage it can cause.

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I keep an XBOX and TV in front of the gun cabinet........ kids can't make it past the XBOX. Just kidding.

I'm a firm believer in teaching a child to shoot and respect a gun at a young age (6-10). I think hiding them away and making them "taboo" only encourages curiosity....... just like boys and Playboy magazines (pre-internet)

I may get chastised for my personal belief, but so be it. It has worked for generations, in my family.

Times have just changed for the worst soo much since my youth. When I was a kid, every boy in my neighborhood, over the age of 8, carried a BB/Pellet rifle from the time they got home from school till the streetlights came on (our signal to go home). I killed many tin cans in my day..........

If you hadn't killed your first deer by 12 yrs old, men would look at your father as either unfit or a sissy.

I remember going hunting many mornings before school. It was a common sight to see trucks in the high school parking lot with one or two guns in the rear window gun-racks. Half the guys would still be wearing camo to class.

We had a fundraiser for 4-H/agriculture. The person that sold the most cases of oranges got their choice of a 12ga shotgun or 30-06 rifle. The kid that won was given the gun during an award ceremony, in the auditorium, in front of the entire school. He then showed it off to all his buddies in every class he went to that day. The entire board of education would sh*t platinum porcupines if someone even MENTIONED something like this now.

There was a bumper sticker I saw a lot when growing up in South Alabama. It read:


Where/when did the world take such a U-turn??????

Sorry for the rant....... that one has been a long time coming.

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