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Chicken trouble #2

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Anyone ever lost a chicken to her being egg bound ? We had been really busy last few days and have not been able to keep as close and eye on our girls as I would have liked.Anyway last PM we were checking on them and found one that would not get up and just did not look right.We seperated her from everone else so we could look at her.Well she was swollen,hot and felt like she had a broken egg inside that she could not pass ,within an hour she was gone .Also we had been getting some wrinkled eggs which points to an older bird ,these girls were only 2yrs old (??) so I am wondering if an older bird could have got mixed in? Any thoughts ??
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The only problem I've ever had was all our guinea hens got sold or kiled by predators...except for one. She and the horse became good friends and spent all their time together (she'd sleep on his back and everything). She became the last guinea around late summer...that next spring she started laying eggs in the barn. We didnt know much about birds at the time and just kinda let her do her thing. Turns out she didnt have enough calcium in her diet and ended up pushing her insides out. The vet said they might have been able to put everything back in and she might have been okay but she stepped on her intestines before we could get to her and punctured them with her talon. She had to be put down :(
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