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Chicken Coop

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Next step in survival preparedness: Chicken Coop building. (I wish I had friends close to help me...hehehehe...I am a one-man show and it is tiring)

In all the researches I did, no where it was mentioned about particular precautions about electricity. Do I have to put the electric wires inside the coop into pvc tubes or there is no danger the chickens will try to eat them?

Thank you
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LMAO I would love to see a mouse get into my coop! It would last about 4 seconds before the girls were ripping it to shreds and fighting over it. Chickens are better mousers than cats!
Yep, them raptors of mine take on anything that moves. Including scaring the hell out of the dog sending her yelping, cats smart enough to just stay away from um. A mouse, dead meat.
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