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Chicken Coop

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Next step in survival preparedness: Chicken Coop building. (I wish I had friends close to help me...hehehehe...I am a one-man show and it is tiring)

In all the researches I did, no where it was mentioned about particular precautions about electricity. Do I have to put the electric wires inside the coop into pvc tubes or there is no danger the chickens will try to eat them?

Thank you
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In my particular case I repurposed an old storage shed to be my coop so I was able to run the extension cord I use for the heat lamp through the rafters out of reach of the chickens.

If youre building something smaller thats not possible to get out of reach I would say its your choice. Back when my grandparents were alive and raising chickens they kept bare light bulb sockets connected to extension cords with electrical tape in the coop and I cant think of a single chicken that ever suffered from it despite the tape hanging off and even exposing bare wires over time.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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