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Chicken Coop

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Next step in survival preparedness: Chicken Coop building. (I wish I had friends close to help me...hehehehe...I am a one-man show and it is tiring)

In all the researches I did, no where it was mentioned about particular precautions about electricity. Do I have to put the electric wires inside the coop into pvc tubes or there is no danger the chickens will try to eat them?

Thank you
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Light at the ceiling, floodlight outside in case it is needed at night, outlet on the ceiling to plug a warming light if needed because of cold that will be hung on a hook. Except the line coming out of the ground, i think everything will be pretty high, close or on the ceiling.
Thank you!
I am in GA. So I guess notbhear needed at all...:)
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Today it was from -2c to about +11c.
Sometimes it can go from -5 to +18 in the same day.
I am canadian. For us winter here is like an eternal spring...:)
It is just we never had chicken before. My wife grew up in the country, but she was too young to remember all the details.
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