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Chicken Coop

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Next step in survival preparedness: Chicken Coop building. (I wish I had friends close to help me...hehehehe...I am a one-man show and it is tiring)

In all the researches I did, no where it was mentioned about particular precautions about electricity. Do I have to put the electric wires inside the coop into pvc tubes or there is no danger the chickens will try to eat them?

Thank you
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Please forgive me, but I actually chuckled out loud when I saw you were thinking of heating your coop, and you are in Georgia! I may be ignorant, but isn't Georgia the state where peaches grow? No offense, please, but I thought it was a warmish place. If I'm totally wrong, please correct me.

The past week or so it has been around -10 C ( 14F) and with the wind, it is quite a bit colder. My girls have never had heat. We give them warm water a few times throughout the day as it freezes, but the only electric we have is for a light which we use only until it starts to get lighter in the mornings, so the girls have at least 14 hours of light.
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kestak, thanks for the reply. I thought I may have been stereotyping Georgia. Right now is -14, although they say it will warm up a bit over the next couple of days. What kind of chooks do you have?
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