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Hi All

I just wanted to say hello and introduce my self .My friends call me Chris and Im a self employed artist in the Volusia/Flagler counties (work/home) of FL

I enjoy weight lifting and reloading my own ammo as well as WW2 Axis Living History

Im just shy of 39 and have been married for about 15 years .

TO BE CLEAR ,I am NOT an apocalypse nut ,nor do I associate with those with such a mind set .I am slowly finding my way into disaster "preparedness ",and thats why I am here ..

Here in the sunshine state I have lived through Hurricane Andrew to the present day and have seen what happens when panic sets in .The stores that only have 3 days worth of food are empty ,no water no electricity .

I have come to the conclusion that its far better to be prepared than to panic ..

I have slowly started to put my BOB together .Which I will talk about in future posts (for input )..

Well ,thanks for having me ..

Do you smell that?
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Welcome aboard from Lake County. There is plenty of good info here, and sadly yes, more than plenty nuts. But hey, different strokes for different folks. Check out the Florida Group.
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