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I just finished one cup of muscadine wine.

For those that don't know Muscadine is a kind of grape. It is a little more bitter (Sometimes, I guess depending on the soil) than a grape and also usually a little bigger. It makes very good homemade wine.

I weigh around 220 pounds and a single cup has me to the point that I cannot walk without stumbling. This is strong stuff. It also has the benefit of wearing off relatively quickly.

Of course, I don't drink a lot and I can count the number of beers I have in a year on one hand but man this stuff really packs a wallop.

Has anyone else ever made this stuff?

When I was a kid we used to go and spend half the day eating wild muscadines. They grew all over the place. Even then, as kids it wasnt uncommon to feel weird after eating Muscadine's all day.

Ive never liked grape wine. I guess I never found a kind that was drinkable, at least to my refined Southern (read *******) palate. But this stuff is really good. I imagine if I drank an entire bottle I would just pass out.

Man this stuff is strong.

When I was a kid, my best friends father would make home made wine using Muscadines. He usually would end up with about 50 gallons a year. I remember being called to come and drag him out of the garage into the house because he had had a few too many glasses of wine. More than a few times I helped my best friend put his Dad in bed when he got into this stuff.

I used to really drink. Nowadays this is about my limit. Ive got two kids and not a lot of time to act stupid anymore so a single glass of wine is usually about all I can do.

There is no point to this post, other than to state that yes I am very drunk.... off a single glass of wine.
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