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I picked one up at a yard sale for $3. Apparently the guy didnt know what it was. I almost didnt since it had been 30 years since I saw one. Put $25 worth of parts in it but works now. Ser no placed it about mid 1990s. To me it's more of a novelty, I take it to the range occasionally but they never have been known for accuracy although James Bond made some shots with his. Never did figure out how he CC'd it or mounted a scope 40 years before they had scope mounts. Leave it to Q...

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THE AR stands for ARMALITE..
the original company maker

I had one within a year of it coming out and gave Charters to my boys for them to have. So long as you used full power .22LR loads they worked fine. My original would sit in the car trunk for years getting beat up and bounced around and then I would take it out, put it together and it worked and was accurate and I took it all over North America on float planes and in bike bags.

Now I understand Henry is making it.

I always found them to be great little guns for their intended purpose.
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I have a newer Henry and an old Charter Arms. AK103K has the same issues I do, but flushing mine doesn’t fix the 2 round burst I get. It shoots on reset, quite often. I’ve tried swapping in parts from the Henry, but they aren’t the same spec, so no help there.

Value on the Henry is about $200, prices are stupidly higher, and the CA is worth maybe $100, unless you find a collector willing to go more for your special version with the scope mount. The CA is not built as well as the Henry, and the Henry carries spare mags in the butt.
The Charter Arm's AR7's I've owned and seen had the same stock design as my original Armalite AR7's, with the mag storage cut out in it. I'm guessing you googled and got the wikipedia with the pictures of the weird Explorer 2 pistol grip ones, but the basic AR7's they made lots of, all have it.

As far as parts, I thought the Henry is made to the same specs as the ones made before it. This online parts supplier seems to think so as well. AR7 Parts

"These parts will fit Armalite, Charter Arms, Survival Arms, AR-7 Industries and Henry manufactured rifles."

I don't have a Henry so I don't know for sure.

AK103 is also right about the stock cap. 2 of my Armalites have cracked caps, and the 3rd is loose. I could replace them with new ones, but the Armalites are marked as such, and they have a little collector appeal. They also tend to crack in the stock where the parts go in.

An interesting gun with interesting history, but there are better tools for the job. I used the Savage 24C as my foldup survival/ATV/plane gun. Not much larger package, but it was far more useful for my needs.

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