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Case Study "A Prepper's Anthology of the Collapse of Venezuela"

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Hi Guys,

Just read an interesting publication by a Daisy Luther. "A Prepper's Anthology of the Collapse of Venezuela"

She highlights the chronology and pattern elements of the collapse and of course forecasts how that could play itself it here

  • First there was gun control
  • Shortages
  • Outlawing of prepping, or what the government called "Hoarding". Painting those who prepared almost as terrorists, by selling items at seriously inflated prices.
  • Rationing in stores
  • shortages of essential items
  • Police presence to "protect" civilians
  • Eventually, fingerprint ID cards, that were used to purchase your "rations"

The author also makes note that here we are already ascribing to having our purchases monitored with all of the points cards that are used

It was as thought provoking read.

Just wanted to pass it on for your consideration.

This publication was in a bundle of resources that I had purchased called "Preppers Bundle". Not all of the items, I would deem useful, but some, like this one were thought provoking.
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She writes some good stuff.
Caught her on a podcast a while back, well worth a read/listen.
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