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Canning water idea question

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Several home canners I watch on youtube suggest adding filler jars if you don't have a full batch to keep the movement to a minimum. I had the idea to fill the extra quart jar with tap water with plenty of chlorine already, added a lid and ring and canned it too. I've seen canned water you can buy for 3 to 4 dollars a can that has a 30 year shelf life. My clean tap water, boiled for 90 minutes... is there any reason it won't last 30 years? Also it's jars I have extra at this point I could always use the water or the jar again for something else if needed? Thoughts?
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Water can be safely canned and stored. But there are a lot of other, more cost effective and space efficient methods to store it.
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Yes, but isn't canning the best option for long term storage?
Sterile water in a sealed container is the same no matter how it became sterile. Canning is a fuel and labor intensive method to do so. So no, it's not necessarily the best option.
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I do know that for good clean water, stored in 2-liter bottles, you can add a teaspoon or two of plain unscented Clorox bleach to it. I try and keep several gallons on hand for water purification after boiling it. I love the idea of canned water. Now I really need to find the half gallon jars.
Wait, what? A teaspoon is 98 drops. The recommended dosage of bleach is 8 drops per gallon for clear water or 16 drops per gallon of cloudy or suspect water. Two teaspoons per 2 liters, is almost 400 (!!!!) drops per gallon.
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