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Can you Garden in the Shade?

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Hello! I wanted to start a small garden on my balcony, but I do not get direct sunlight (balcony faces the north). Are there any good plants that grow well in the shade. I had to give my tomatoes to a friend so they could produce. Thanks!
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One way to find out if you're gaining ANY light rays at all would be to position one of those stick in the ground type solar lights sold individually in the center of your garden plot during early morning, then wait to see how low or bright it shines at night. Take note of how long it last too as an indicator of strength in light rays. Point is, not all shade is the same.
You might also fool your garden by purchasing one or more (as needed) clamp style work lights, the kind with the aluminum shade around it (under $10 Walmart), using an ordinary light bulb. A 75 watt bulb has the potential to imitate sunlight but of course you don't want to position it TO close to the plants or they'll burn. Using a lower wattage, aluminum foil wrapped, crimped or taped into place to the garden pot(s) not on the plant itself will help reflect the light back. This might also work in natural light.
*Note: Music helps plants grow faster and healthier...for real. It's growth will actually SHOW you what kind of music it likes best, i.e., country-western, classical, rock, etc.
Oh...and add radishes to the shade list, lol. Good Luck
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