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I have used the search tools, and read many of the threads about caching, but still have questions. I am reposting this from another forum. Hope you don't mind.

When I get back from OCS we're going to have some extra cash to spend on preps (hooray!) and we want to use this to completely redesign our BOP. Currently our BOP is fleeing from our inner loop apartment to family in Mexico with our tails tucked. Not much of a plan, and worse it means that we'd only be able to bug out with what we can carry. **** that, we have too much neat stuff to leave behind.

Right now I am talking with some other local preppers about the best locations to cache goods, and the best methods. I have a lot of decisions to make and I hope to call on your expert advice to help me make some of them. I'm a windbag, so I've put the important points of this post in bold.

We have a storage unit that goes to waste We originally got it when we moved in because there was some doubt as to whether our relationship was permanent. That was years ago, and now it's just full of duplicate furniture that we're never going to use again. It's also close to us, within the central hub of the city. It's a money suck. Originally my idea was to clear the storage unit out, cancel the rental agreement, find a storage unit out of the beaten path, but on the way to our BOL and fit it with pegboard, benches, and safes, to cache our goods. I figure that if we get one that's a distance away from the city, it'll be cheaper, or we can get a larger unit for the same price. But I wonder if this solution is secure enough, and accessible in a SHTF situation?

Recently, my SO has been talking about caching in a shipping container. This will cost more money in the short term, but is probably a better idea. He wants to bury it, and has studied how to do it so that the thing isn't crushed by the weight of the earth on top of it. If there are any Houston residents, I'm interested in buying a small plot of land that's a ways off from a major highway, exiting from the city. If you can turn me on to any ideal locations you can think of, please let me know. Also, I am looking for ideas on how to fit a shipping container. What things do you recommend installing? Do you have any resources or pictures or suggestions you can share?

Thanks in advance.
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