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Ok I am not sure if this is where this type of post should go so if I am wrong please don't be angry.

I have own the CamelBak Motherlode bag for over a year now and have simply that this is a great bag.

The Specs:
100 oz Hydration Bladder
2142 cu. in. capacity

The pack is made up of four main compartments each with a heavy duty zipper.

The compartment for the hydration bladder. This is accessible from the back of the pack and is relatively easy to stuff a full bladder in while the pack is loaded. It’s got a secure zipper closure, a hang loop for the bladder, and a port for the drinking tube. When not using the bladder this compartment is also great to store important documents that need to be kept fairly flat. I have traveled far with my personnel records in this pocket.

The main compartment has a small zippered mesh pouch for storing some stuff, a large main pouch, and then a waterproof radio pouch with a draw string closure. There are two antenna ports that exit this compartment. Both ports are covered with Velcro closures to secure them from the elements when not in use.

The next compartment has dividers for small gear and several pockets. This is mainly a compartment for readily accessible stuff. There are two large pockets, two medium pockets, and 3 pen pockets. In one of the main pockets there is a leash with a plastic snap hook on it for retaining keys or other small items.

The last pocket is on the back of the pack and opens from the side. It’s not divided inside. This pocket is great for small items like hard candy, pen light, small notebook. I have carried a thing of soap, razor and toothbrush in the pouch for when I have to travel and need to perform personal hygiene at airports or rest stops, when it is impractical to dig for your toiletry bag.

The back of the bag has three main pads which create a channel for air ventilation and the waist belt is simply velcroed in the bottom pad so it is removable. But I like the waist belt because it helps distribute the weight more evenly.

The front of the bag has seven rows of molle attachment loops, which is great because you can add a radio pouch for a handheld, magazine pouches of more ammo, and a variety of other things.

The only thing that I really have a problem with this bag is since the secondary pocket is near the top of the bag instead of the bottom, while you have to main pocket open the front of the bag just wants to pull away and closes the interior of the main pocket which makes it hard to search for smaller things.

Since my deployment, I have used this bag to lug all my personal electronics; DVD player, PSP, IPod, speakers, external hard drive, and several other little things that I wanted to have. I have felt very confident with this bag protecting my belongings. Now that I am in country I have been using this bag as a patrol bag whenever I go out on a convoy. I carry all that I need for two to three days in this bag with a couple external pouches attached on.
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