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I am writing a short "poem" about seriousness and importance of guns and their role in keeping the government in check. I have a very well know poem which I am using as a model. I think everyone will truly like this, even if they are anti-gun!

Post if you are interested in helping. I'm horrible with poetry but would like some critics or suggestions.

I don't want to post it openly until it is done so I can PM people with details. Thanks.

-This is what happens when a society isn't allowed to own guns: Tiananmen Square Massacre - Tankman1989

Information is Ammunition
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Dubya out the window, Here comes the Lib'ral nuts

keep on buyin ammo,

Cause "Bama's on our butts.

Why then is it,

our Guv'mint hates us so,

selling to the highest bidder,

Daddy Bush's NWO

I'm just so friggin sick,

my rights bought and sold

how much can we take,

'til our anger breaks our hold?

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What if you were left defencless,
no gun to help hold your ground?

Your government had stepped in
and took all the guns that they found.

That might leave you empty and hungry
No way to bring meat to your home.

So, the government would put you on welfare
under the gize of a loan.

What if your family were threatened
and you with no way to protect?

The government would send in the soliders
and leave your community a wreck.

Now put your right hand on your shoulder
feel the long arm of the law?

Your government is standing behind you
that's why you feel empty and raw.

Now if your were still in possession
of that gun that you use to own.

You'd be able to feed your family
and not depend on a government loan.

You'd be there to protect you community
and keep them all safe from harm.

There'd be no need for hiding
because of the gun in your arms.

You'd be able to stand with your neighbor
and protect America from attack.

But instead you are just a sheeple
You know, the one who didn't fight back.

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Here is my first draft:
I need a name for this poem.. Maybe "Death of a Great Nation"??

If you like this, PLEASE openly post it on other forums you frequent.

First came the ban on automatic assault weapons,
I did not speak up,
Because I didn't need such a weapon.

Then came the ban on “assault” weapons and “assault” ammunition,
Again I remained silent,
For I had no quarrels with anyone;
I felt the Police were there to “Serve and protect”,
The government had a strong military in which I could trust.

Next came the ban on pistols and newly made rifles,
I kept my mouth shut,
As this made no difference because I already owned these.

Finally martial law was declared because of an act of "terror”;
A new constitution was forged, severely limiting rights of individuals;
Gone was the right to free speech, free press, the right to own property, the right to bear arms,
Gone were States rights and Habeas Corpus, the right to a speedy, just, fair trial
Gone were our beloved Republics, Commonwealths, States and our Democracy.

The time for action through words was gone,
It was time to stand and fight,
But it was too late,
We were helpless because we had no worthy guns with which to fight.

Only then, when the government took actions against The People,
Did I truly understand the reasoning for the Second Amendment;
The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Encroachment upon one (gun or person) is an encroachment upon all!

Copyright 2008 All rights reserved :D:
Please distribute freely
I have 10 different drafts for different groups of people. I have a few that are short and sweet for those who really understand what is going on. My punctuation really needs work as I'm terrible at it, but my point is made. Please tell me your opinions.


What is “Homeland Defense”?
It is the enemy of that nation saying: “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Isoroku Yamamoto WWII - Fleet Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy
-This is what happens when a society isn't allowed to own guns: Tiananmen Square Massacre – Tankman1989

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it's sooooooo much better with the tunes!

Wagner is Der SCHIT!

Charlie don't surf!

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This is my Rifle
This is my gun
This is for killin
This is for Fun.

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This is my rifle.
There are many like it but this one is mine.

ORRRRRR if you wanna see a D.I. turn ten shade of red then see stars;
This is my rifle.
There are many like it but this one is for sale.......

Don't ask.

Information is Ammunition
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Its a was to show I was laughing at Maur's poem...

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To the edges of brown and black
and glints of European attack
By fire and machinery
A dead man loved his scenery
A constant love
So much as to make it, create it
This mixed dream
ladened heavy with historys sheen
And forgotten for all years
in a holdhouse, cold covered shack

Like me, it was
Lifted ahead mashed by men
had pieces of a hill, a tree, and steel
Put forth with time honored tones
Given a name, a number, a home
The recesses hold keys
Gives hope to a lands dreams

And like me, too it was
Beaten and mistreated
To be one loose hand away
of being tossed to sea
titled on lawyer notes
politicians gamble the fate
before they loved its rate
From causes not understood
nor sung from those lungs
whose birth it saved
and death it enslaved

The bickering of existance
mattered little
when a man called the creation
to step forward for a nation
It was long ago kept clean
so as to be used in reported scenes
It sent its full load grain
without regret or shameful pain

Now where does it stand
After decades of coffin sleep
Sent to a new land
To men who hunt sheep
Who hold historys air
That can't be touched or stoked
But felt like a prayer
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