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Okay - - In my previous post I'd stated I was storing up bottles of Clorox for water purification.

Someone smarter than me, (didn't take long) said that Clorox shelf life is very short and to use calcium hypochlorite instead.


SO I wandered into Wal-Mart bought 5 lbs of pool shock last night and it said it was 50% calcium hypochlorite.


The other 50% ingredients weren't listed so that scares me a bit.
But I figure they know people are gonna swallow pool water so it can't be 50% strychnine or something....

Did I do good? More info please!

@ 50% - how many drops to the gallon and what not?

ALSO Here's my BIG Question:

Say I've got pond water. Yech.
Okay, so I strain out the crappy stuff through a clean cloth into a jug and then treat the water with calcium hypochlorite.
Is that it?
Is that all I need to do???

Reminding you in advance I am dumb about this.


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Most of the pages I have found on this recommend using pool shock with 78% Calcium Hypochlorite. I think for the same reasons you are skeptical of the 50%.

The only brand I have found that is 78% is Poolife Turbo Shock. You'll have to go to Amazon or a local pool supply. Mine has a tub of 1 pound bags of it right by the door. They sell for less than $4. I put my bags in a plastic Pringles can, with printed instructions on how to use it. one pound will treat 10,000 gallons of water.

Using the 78% poolshock also means you don't have to redo the math. It's already been done in the thread below.

This thread covers it pretty well

One other bit of info I found somewhere. If you want to treat a quart of water with pool shock. Just drop in one crystal, and let sit a while.

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I would avoid the low grade Walmart stuff and stick to high test from a pool supply store. Who knows what the other stuff is. You want pure calcium hypochlorite with no additives or algaecides.
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