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I went into a pool supply today and found that all of the pool shock was listed as Calcium HYPOCHLORITE 73% Granular. Nothing even online is 100%. Is this the same as was suggested here to make homemade bleach? The Hypochlorite instead of hydrochloride wording, does it make a difference? Does the fact that it says 73% make a difference?

Is this a good deal?

I lucked out there for my pool issue though. I went there because I purchased a 12'x 30" portable pool, and the filter wasnt working correctly. So instead of returning it online, the store was close by, we drove over and got a great deal. The manager couldnt open another box just to give us a replacement filter, he just handed us another pool for free! So, for water storage, we have 2 -1421 gallon pools plus our old pool of 550 gallons along with 4 rain barrels, a water bob and all the bottled water Ive bought in the last 6 months. I think I finally have enough water!
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