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Well, it may not be the BEST way...but it is
the best way I know how.

For those of you bugging could place these
in an inconspicuous spot along your route that only
you would be able to sure to place a way point via GPS.

For those bugging in like these in your exit path
off your BOL just in case you are over run and only have time
to grab the essentials.

Our BOB's are ready to grab and go, but if time permits, we'll quickly pull these out of the ground on our way out the back end of our property:

I am packing a total of 6 caches all in 5 gallon buckets with
airtight lids.

2 ea. Ammo Caches: .22, 45 ACP, 5.56, buckshot, extra mags for each caliber, gun oil and cleaning rods. All ammo vacuum sealed with O2 absorbers

2 ea. Gear Caches:Multi-Tool, First Aid Kit, Canteen, Duct Tape, para cord, Tarp, Crank flashlight, matches, junk silver.

2 ea. Food Caches: Prepackaged dehydrated foods we packaged ourselves, salt, sugar, jet cooker and small cook pot.

Each 5 gallon cache will be placed in a lab overpack, buried in a shallow hole strategically on my property. These overpacks are blow molded and will last
FOREVER. By themselves, 5 gallon poly buckets will break, or leak over time.

These overpacks are $32.00 each and are normally used for packing chemicals, oil prevent spilling. Again, made tough to last.

I found these in tan to help blend in with the soil.

Here is the link:

Hope this helps!


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i'm not a lawyer, but common sense-

if cache your stuff in route, make sure the items you cache doesn't land you in legal hot water or anything that will lead back to you. for examples, don' cache your firearms.

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Good idea. I would pack the Cache's to be a complete package, split up all your stuff so if you can only get to one bucket, you at least have something. I would also not have all these buckets together. Split them up heading in different directions in case your planned direction changes.

I am also in the process of prestaging some emergency supplies, nothing valuable just some redundant gear and essentials. I like those over buckets, looks like they will work good.

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i usto use 5 gllon buckets i got from resturants for storage of food items, mice and rats chewed threw the buckets to get the food inside. i went to metal buckets then. for the ones that are burried i put them in a garbage bag and tie a knot in it to keep it from rusting, i suposs there is something cheap to coat the buckets with that will keep it from rusting out. like a lot of paint.

for guns, axes and other metal tools the plastic buckets are the way. you can cut the bottom out of a bucket and epoxy it to another one, placing the bottom of the top one an inch inside the top of the bottom one, if you have buckets its a cheap way to make one big bucket.

to make a bag thingy to burry metal tools in, or storing them anywhere hidden, like in a scrap pile or in an old building. cut the legs off jean pants, make a mixture of gasoline and axel grease and soak the jean in it, hang it up and let the gas evaporate leaving the jean fibers full of grease, or soak the jean in 30 weight oil for shorter term. oil will run off over time, the grease will stay. its something you can make in a hurry and will hold an action and barrel seperated from the stock, along with the stock and ammo, tie the ends up or fold them over.
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