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c-more red dot tactical

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Anyone have any information on these. I heard they were an excellent red dot. Thanks
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I took one to Iraq for 2 different tours. I bought a new one when I came home last time,
not because anything was wrong with it, I just gave the old one to a friend.

It is quick to get on target, I like the built in iron sights.
Battery life is incredible, I changed the batteries twice in my old one over 5 years.

They are pretty popular with 3 gun competitors and take a lot of abuse on the ranges.

I put it through hell.
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It works fine on the AR, the tactical cut down carry handle version is good to go.

Now the regular version of the C-More may take more of a beating, never tried it in that format.

my current one.
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Maybe I just got lucky and got good ones.
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