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Well finally got my SS 5-20x optic today and unpacked it and must say I like it a lot. The glass is clear, it has an illuminated reticle and is FFP. What more can you ask for in a 1k optic?

I've had my Bushnell HDMR for a few weeks and was able to mount it onto my TRG42 and now it's on my Savage 308. Both rifles shot to 580 yards with the HDMR without issue.

My initial thoughts on both of these optics is that they are both well made. Customer Service from both companies is outstanding if you have any issues down the line.

I am no expert on optics, so with that being said, the glass quality on both optics are very good. I'd have to give the slight edge to the SS 5-20 based on my eyes. Both scopes are FFP (Front Focal Plane) and have matching knobs/reticles in mil/mil. Knobs on both scopes have positive clicks.

Both scopes cost $1,500...Sniper's Hide and SWFA teamed up to offer the SS 5-20x scope for $1,000 for a limited time. I listed some of the pros/cons of each, this is my opinions about the pros/cons, so I understand if someone disagrees with my comments.

Bushnell HDMR pros
mil/mil in FFP
Horus H58 reticle
34mm tube
great customer service
beefy optic/quality build
26 mils of total travel

Bushnell HDMR cons
5 mils per revolution
no illumination
no zero stop feature

SS 5-20x pros
mil/mil FFP
new variant of the MD reticle
illuminated reticle-every other click on the illumination knob will turn off the illumination
10 mils per revolution
30 mils of total travel

SS 5-20x cons
30mm tube
I prefer H58 reticle over the SS reticle
no zero stop feature

If I could change things about these scopes here is what I would do...

Bushnell HDMR-add zero stop feature, offer the Horus reticle with illumination and make the knobs 10 mils per revolution.

SS 5-20x add zero stop feature, offer it in a larger tube.

Overall, both of these optics are awesome for the money. I know my budget does not allow for $2k + optics, so these are solid performers at $1,500. If I could afford more of these optics, I'd buy one more of each.

Pictures to follow...the SS 5-20x is slightly longer than the HDMR...the HDMR weighs more, but the SS scope is also built like a tank.
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