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G'day all

Went camping last night at a little cove on the south coast of Australia. Beautiful private spot and only known by the locals. Had the place to myself.

Made a few things while in camp. There is a sedge that grows all over my region that is pretty good for cordage. I've plaited it before to make a sling, but thats a very time consuming endeavour, so I thought I'd try cutting it into thin strips and rolling it into cordage. It worked great and as I went along I figured out how to get a better lay by adding one strip at a time. Made about 2 mters in an hour, not bad for a first go, but I reckon I could get a lot quicker with s'more practise.

Tried making a fishing spear like I saw on a youtube. Unbelievably i couldn't find a straight piece of green wood long enough anywhere! All the scrub on the coast here is gnarly and twisted, so I had to just make the head. It worked well, but i think the piece i used was too chunky.

Set up a modified toggle release spring snare using a rock slung over a branch for the 'spring' and some wire from the hardware store. Didn't set it up to catch anything only to try out the principle. Worked excellent! Ripped a heavy stick out of my hand and the 'snare wire' was tight around stick. Have to find a spot with some rabbits and do it properly.

All over a successful overnight trip. I have to say to those reading this, that it is imperitive that you try your bushcraft/survival skills out in the real world and in the kind of wilderness that you intend to go out into. There are all sorts of little obstacles you'll come across that you don't foresee even though what you see on youtube or read in a survival manual seems simple. Get out there and practice.

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Good post, some great areas along our coast, where I am it is a lot more open, but also pretty hard to get to without a 4x4, when I finish fixing up the old Hilux, lot of rust on the roof that had to be cut out, too much beach driving :), we will get back to the beach, will do as you did and attempt to put survival into practice
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