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Building chicken coop

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I am planning to build a chicken coop. Now trying to find out the best way to keep mice/rats away. Any suggestion?
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metal. Metal rim on tight fitting doors, metal flashing, metal lined walls. Feed in metal can with tight fitting lids.


NO places for them to hide inside,


button them up tight at night.

You will STILL have a few.... but manageable.

Feed outside only, and pick up and put in metal garbage can each night... and none....
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I have heard that electric fence works well for bears.... we do have the occasional bear around here, have never seen one or sign of one on the place (electric fence all the way around).

Note: if you have 5 - strand perimeter electric fence on fiberglass posts, pretty cheap security. With a good charger, even if someone puts a log on the bottom strand to short it out, it will still have 6-7,000 volts and will keep people out. You can't use metal posts, as easy to short to metal.... you can cut with fiberglass bolt cutters, but those are rare.
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