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the pistol is one of the hardest area to tell someone about buying for the
first time for the following reasons for a first time buyer of a handgun:D:
n1 there is someone comeing out with a better mousetrap in a couple of months
n2 the old mousetrap has a lot inprovements to make it better
with that being said here is a something to thing about those who is buying handgun for the first time in the next couple of weeks:thumb:
go to a pistol range in your area and rent a couple of pistol intill you find the one that fits you
then buy that model and pratice like the devil is behind you wanting you soul intill you are semi good with it
then remember it a tool in the tool box and you are the tool box to keep the tools in
i will tell a brand new person not to get a 1911 style pistol for it more of a long time user typle pistol system
it just carrying cocked and locked is not for everyone
i see on this board there is lot of talk about diff handguns
i will tell new shooters to get a glock more than any other handgun for the following reason
n1 ease of use
n2 point and shoot typle as need
n3 ease of take down and cleaning
n4 easly worked on and change parts out as need to make it a little better
n5 is the biggest comes saight out the box ready to shoot without a lot of mods to make it run right
n6 feeds about anything that you put into the pistol and it will shoot the ammo
n7 no safety to worry about when a stress typle shooting
n8 diff models for diff hand and body styles
i have allways been a DIE HARD 1911 STYLE PISTOL FAN FOR MANY YEARS
but after shooting a guy .glock 22 at the range about a year ago with a couple things that he did to make guy fit him better with a 1911 style grip unit super smooth trigger pull and better sights on the pistol and pistol shoot better than my personal 1911 pistol that i have had for many years
we have a large rock at the end of my range that we use for known range distance for the targets sits at 105.yards out form the fireing line
the guy who was a local cop that had the weapon work on was sitting there as a joke was hitting the rock with long range pistol shots for see if the sights where dailed in for the duty ammo that he carried
the reason behind this post is get something that works for you and stock up on mags and spare parts for it and pactice with it and intill it become second nature with you for drawing and shooting
then take class to make you a better shooter and a more reasonable typle thinker when it comes to tactics and when to run like heck form a fight and when to stand you ground and fight back
this just my 2.cent worth take it or leave it with a grain of salt as the old saying
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