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My retreat is a couple of days out walking the whole way depending wher one is during the course of the day even longer and what if the main route is unusable.
I found that due to a quirk in the road sign laws now ammended that road sign had to be on a place of business. Lawyers being that they are figured putting up a building of storage lockers made the leased land a business.
Since these are along side the interstates but not necessarily immediately accessable these storage building are mainly un occupied and the owners are willing to make nice deals for renting a locker. We have two along two different routes about half way and a little further from town and the retreat.
These have been and are restocked with basic supplies including clothing, packs, food, tools, fuel, water tents and weapons. Most of the stuff is thrift store and garage sale stuff but will do for a couple of days to get the final distance if needed. One might have to leave everything or might encounter an unjustly advantaged redistribution of wealth situation on the way.
All of us have the lock combinations and the rule is to take no more than half of the stuff so something is left if another is behind you. Supplies are enought for 8 people for 4 days. If needed one could hole up for a day to let weather clear. The same principle could be used for a regular storage locker outside a couple of days march from wher you live. Usually storage lockers are lower in price away from big cities and some have some security. Paying cash in advance for a year gets you a good discount as well and if anyone asks you just do not want to have to haul your camping equipment back and forth. Saves gas you know;) . Firearms and weapons are not the needed ones and a used pump 12 or M-44 and a couple of boxes of shell is all thet is needed. Seperate lock and combo on the guns. 5 gal of gas stabalized is all that would be needed except we leave 2 5 gal cans. We also have a burried cashe on a third route on family land. There is not really a lot invested in the cashes and if we need to abandond or bypass no loss in the overall plans
They are there if needed.

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Sounds very well thought out to say the least.
More so dedicated, as this type of preparation, requires time too set up.
You can spend as much, or as little as you choose.
As for a buried cashe, you can use an old popcorn can, you know, the ones from Christmas?
Put in a few pounds of beans and rice, some salt and a cooking container, maybe a .22 pistol, along with a few other goodies, you just can't live without, and plant it, just about anywhere along your route of travel.
The storage locker idea works well too.
A small one for basic pack type carry, with your esentials, or all the way up to a 10x30, with a truck---stocked with everything, stored in it, ready to get down the road.
Just access your needs, and prepare for the worst.
The best thing about this type of plan, is there are no rules, just how creative can you be.
Good post Forrestdweller
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