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Here is my sitrep,family and bug-out location in NE OK,i will be in MS for next 2 years more or less. If tshtf, my 3 mpcoa are 1 straight n to memphis then west, 2nd favorite route. 2 , North to Jackson then west to shreveport,then nw to texarkana and into ok. least favorite and longest but least populated as well. 3, North to Jackson west to Talala then North to Little Rock and then west into ok, Most favorite,shortest but Most big cities.

Truck range 300-360 miles depending on speed,wind excetra.Will either carry extra gas, keeping tank full ,10-15 more gallons will get me home unless of course emp then i will be,riding bicycle pulling trailer or humping it.

What are your thoughts ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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